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Population: 859 (2019)
Elevation: 7,680 ft.
Established in 1860


Hot Sulphur Springs is located 30 miles northwest of Winter Park and is the County Seat of Grand County. Filled with local history and old-fashioned appeal, this quaint little town was once home to one of the nation's first ski resorts.  With a population of less than 900, you'll find friendly neighbors and small-town charm. 

The hot springs in Hot Sulphur Springs are the town's primary attraction and a favorite pit stop for skiers and boarders from nearby Winter Park Resort and Granby Ranch to relax their sore muscles after a hard day on the slopes. 

It's location and distance from Grand County's major attractions tends to be less ideal for second home owners thus the majority of residents here are full time.  For that same reason, property is much more affordable than most of the rest of the county. 


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