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Buyers and SellersHome Buyer Wishlist

This wish list can help with the number of bedrooms, baths and what part of town best suits you and your needs. This is a small size file of 12 KB that can be downloaded.

Home Shopping Check List

This check list can help you determine if the property has the required specs you need. This can help you with the home buying process. This is a small size file of 13 KB that can be downloaded.

A Consumer Home Inspection Kit

This guidebook on home inspection is published by Freddie Mac and discusses the inspection you should give your new home before purchasing it. It is a medium size file of 92 KB that can be downloaded.

Open a Door to Your Own Home

This guidebook is published by the Fannie Mae Foundation and contains useful information about factors you should consider before purchasing a home. This is a large file of 1,333 KB that can be downloaded.

Michael Ayer is an experienced real estate agent specializing in Denver urban properties and Winter Park properties. He has plenty of additional resources to help out home buyers and sellers. Contact him for more information.

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